Franco-Russian marriage agency

Why Russian women wish them a French?

The Russian dream of every woman is to love and be loved in return, to be a wife and build a fulfilling family life.

Unfortunately the current demographic situation in Russia is such that the realization of this dream is difficult is often inaccessible to most women.

Russian marriage, a decisive act.

Russia (source Wikipedia), where the ratio of men to women population is unbalanced, the competition for them is fierce.

Sometimes, to achieve their dream, some women enter into a marriage in defiance to learn about their future husband, the sole purpose of achieving unite their lives with a man.

Alas these marriages generate only disappointments are frequently doomed to failure and are experienced dramatically by Russian women. This fact is not unknown to the male who abused the woman lying often relegated to "a subordinate status', infidelity has become therefore something" natural ".

These male attitudes, with no ethics and compliance violate the woman for which man has no legitimate ways.

In Russia the social protection system is not as developed as in Western Europe; daily life is harsh and rigorous.

These living conditions, including the Russian man is not free, make that physical appearance is not always his priority and he seems to neglect their own health.

Why choose a French man?

The French culture is highly valued and disseminated, we are especially recognized for our values ​​and our artistic refinement, in gastronomy, fashion, perfumes and cosmetics.

STOP ! To received wisdom:

No ! This is not to flee the country or financial reasons that the Russians women want to marry a European.

Of course UaDreams want the security, which is legitimate, but not enough to enter into a marriage of convenience for the sole purpose to live in some comfort!

Most of our members have jobs. Some even have a framework status or foreman, are artist or entrepreneur.

Imagine! requires a different motivation to quit his job and his country, his family and friends to follow

UaDreams want to meet a man who is honest, loyal, caring, and also having the desire to found a

For them, the European man has the qualities UaDreams expect; he knows good care of his family, he is sober

From East to West the attraction of opposites is very natural.

What is the woman who has ever wanted to have a romantic relationship with a man so different?

There is an adventurous and mysterious side that does not hurt, but there is also the challenge is to build a

Why ? Because the Russian-wife as she seeks a missing half of herself, which would complement and offset what is lacking in it.

You play the romanticism in French!

UaDreams have no fixed ideas on criteria, whether physical or professional, whether the place

living or family situation. UaDreams will discover your personality and you will enjoy your

just value. Similarly an age difference, relatively large, will not be a hindrance to a relationship.

So UaDreams often prefer an older man a few years, which for them is a guarantee of stability.

When UaDreams decide to marry their commitment is sincere and motivated by a real desire to found a stable home, sustained in bliss!

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