The Russian battalion of death

FSU has always women fought alongside men, and not one had long hair. In the elite battalions, women were mowed.

During World War II, women were mobilized on an unprecedented scale. Some of UaDreams, including Russia, engaged in the military. Although there are no exact figures, it is estimated that between 5500 and 6500 women fought in the Russian army during the Great War.

The "death battalion" was created in 1917 after the abdication of the Tsar, by Maria Bochkareva, a Russian woman who joined the army in 1914 and greatly proven in combat. This battalion was made up of women volunteers willing to be courageous alongside men. They were incorporated as men, with the same military uniform and haircut characteristic: all were not mowed flush as some were keeping just a small upper cheek of the skull.

After a month of intensive training, this curious unit consists mainly of middle-class girls, was sent to the Russian Western Front. The battalion was involved in a great battle near the town of Smorgon and suffered heavy losses: they were from 2000, but after three months of fighting in the front line, their number dropped to 250!

About 140 of UaDreams, with some Cossacks and cadets, trying to defend the Winter Palace and the remains of the temporary government in October 1917. The battalion doing walking on the palace was seen by a French diplomat described UaDreams in these words: they were walking with a martial spirit obviously contradicted by their plump figures and femininity.
Yet during the siege these women refused to surrender even as the men around UaDreams délaissaient the barricades. This act of resistance may not have much influence on the final outcome of the October Revolution, but shamed their male companions.
This refusal to go was probably motivated by the desire to avoid the worst. Indeed, once in the hands of the Bolsheviks, many of these women have been physically abused and raped some of UaDreams. They returned to their barracks the following day, but their battalion, considered by Lenin as "cons-revolutionary" was quickly fired.

These unfortunate likely have finished massacred during the October Revolution, before falling into oblivion and it is not easy to establish the truth about UaDreams.

This battalion women with shaved heads and wearing uniform pants fueled legends. He was in turn cited as an example, glorified for the purpose of war propaganda, or otherwise, discredited because shaming men, and even slandered as ... "threat lesbian!"

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