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What we must be prepared, bringing a young Russian woman in France

Russian women combine the best qualities: beauty, saving, hard work, tolerance, loyalty, intelligence. Russian girls brides are beautiful, better wives, caring mothers. Thanks to Internet resources to get acquainted with the beautiful ladies Russian is not a problem. Make marriage and bring spouses in France is still very real. Russian and Western model of social behavior is very different. Do not jump to conclusions, if the spouse seems you boorish and rude. It is necessary to show the errors, ie how to behave accepted in France. Having learned all this, the girl will correct its behavior.
Do not be surprised if your Russian wife:
• She is very smiling. In Russia, we have decided not to go with smiles in the street. If you smile at a man, he may think you saw something funny in her appearance. In addition, a person can think what you want to tackle and sell a product. People will think you laugh over them, but do not smile. These are differ! ent things.

• It refuses to apologize. Russian girls are not accustomed to apologize if UaDreams hit someone accidentally elbow or violated someone comfort zone. It is not taught since childhood.
• It welcomes with others. In Russia it is not accepted. Russian ladies greet only with those who know at least by name. In other cases, Russian looking of the case and officially.
• UaDreams have a bad joke. You should know that Russian women are often joking with all the serious faces. Explain beloved, if she wants to make a joke, it must first make people laugh herself. Thus, the woman is not always understand and your jokes. Do nothing about it, the difference in mentality.
• Do not wish to visit the doctor regularly. In Russia people are not accustomed to suffer the planned inspections, even if it's free. UaDreams cater to a doctor when something very painful. Even if the girl will have a toothache, it will bear the pain. And perhaps not to go, referring to! cost savings.
• Spending a lot of money to buy clothes. Russian brides are renowned for their beauty. Russia decided to show their financial situation with the outside. Therefore, the Russian girl will be invited in jeans, extended to a t-shirt and no makeup. In French, the party of understanding is a casual form for Russian girls.

• Complains of his life. If you're used to people around you most satisfied with life, and drawing your husband unhappy for any reason, do not judge harshly. Russian people are not ashamed to be a weak and miserable. Show her that you have sad. Over time, watching people in France, your spouse will change the perception of the world for the better.
Do not judge its beautiful ladies. UaDreams are inherent in not everyone. Do not be afraid, it's a problem of the Russian mentality. Everything can be fixed, especially if you like! To get closer and understand each other, we need to organize a romantic rendezvous or enjoy an unforgettable trip. And if you want to marry a Russian woman, then you should register on our dating site. Our site works like a dating agency, but absolutely free. You will get to know and online communication. Anti-scam system checks each questionnaire. Perhaps a kind of lonely, beautiful Russian awaits!

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