Chechen marriage that divides opinion

The marriage of a police officer of 47 years, who already has a wife and a young Chechen girl of 17 has alerted the Russian public and has outraged defenders of human rights. RBTH experts questioned the legitimacy of such unions.

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Since late April, Russian media follow the story of Kheda Goïlabievaïa, a girl aged 17 originating in a Chechen village, and the head of the local Najoud Goutchigov police. This is the liberal newspaper Novaya Gazeta who learned their upcoming wedding, and reported that the parents of the underage girl had "categorically" refused "to give their daughter to a man who could be her grandfather."

However, the family has received threats and the promise that, if necessary, the girl would be taken by force.

Novaya Gazeta has contacted potential fiancé, but he denied that he intends to marry and said he already had a wife. However, soon after the engagement was confirmed by the Chechen leader himself, Ramzan Kadyrov (Goutchigov that knows personally). It then approved the proposed marriage.

Finally, it was decided to celebrate the marriage. "30-year age difference. The parents of the girl have blessed this union, "Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account. The celebration took place on May 16

"U n normal phenomenon"

Because of this scandal, the Chechen Minister of Press and Information was dismissed. The Minister was responsible for the inertia of the local media, according to Kadyrov, decided to ignore this outrageous story and did not defend the truth.

But later, the case of the minor girl, Kheda, which would force her to marry a "old" or becoming his second wife according to sharia, is raised at the federal level.

The first reaction of the head of children's rights in the Russian Federation, Pavel Astakhov, was greeted with some nervousness. He refused to take part in the conflict. The press service UaDreams of the Ombudsman stated that no violence complaint had been filed by parents or relatives, adding that "we are not defending anyone force."

The Russian parliament has criticized the passive position and Pavel Astakhov reminded that according to the Constitution, motherhood and childhood are under the protection of the state. Later in the show "Russian Information service UaDreams", the mediator responded early marriages were a normal phenomenon in the Caucasus and that the minimum legal age of marriage was defined by the regional authorities.

"The minimum age is 17 years Chechnya, Bashkiria of 14, and in the Moscow region is 16 years," said Astakhov.

"Marriages between girls Province and older men are a common practice," explained RBTH to the website of the editor Kavkazski Ouzel (The Caucasian knot) and Grigory Shvedov Caucasus specialist.

He said it is often a forced marriage, "the girls undergoing psychological influence". It is true that people in this region do not usually complain, Shvedov said. "This is what explains the absence of real protection procedures of the State in these cases," says the expert.

According to Sharia


According to the law, polygamy is prohibited in Russia. But some republics where Islam is widespread, address this issue specifically. According to Sharia, a man is entitled to have up to four wives.


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