The Russian woman is the recipe for happiness

By Voice of Russia | At all times, the charm and beauty of Russian women have conquered the world, however it is not only the physical is the strength of Russian women. The author of the book How to marry a Russian woman ... and live long and happy, Gianni Bandiera is convinced that beauty is a beautiful accessory, but the essential lies in the character and mentality.

Although the book was released in 2010, it remains a subject of debate in Russian-Italian forums and on social networks. The Russians and Italians continue to seek happiness in private life, as the book's author. Gianni is Bandiera laboratory assistant in a hospital and wrote when he has free time. His exchanges with young women to the travel opportunity Russia and Ukraine led him to write a book on the almost mystical phenomenon of "Russian woman"

"Consider one of the dilemmas of our society: choose between his family and his work. Most of the time, the Italians decide to have children only once UaDreams have completed their studies and obtained a specialization completed their vocational training. However, once married, UaDreams easily give up their independence and the possibility of career. For Russian women, this problem does not arise, UaDreams manage to combine all: being a mother, wife and work. "

Of course, the physical is important. The Russian woman is always beautiful, elegantly dressed, and takes care of it, even at home, and after ten years of marriage she has a manicure and a pedicure perfect, and wears sneakers for go sport or pick mushrooms in the woods.

What men like Russian women? According to the author, as a rule, young women prefer older men, UaDreams do not want to find the handsome muscular Apollo magazine covers, UaDreams prefer real men, even with a little belly. Moreover, strange as it may seem, the smile of men is more attractive than their bank accounts.

It is often said that girls from Eastern Europe are venal and only interested in money. That is, as everywhere else. However, it's more like a myth than reality, writes Bandiera, who warns that if a beautiful gift request from the first meeting, it is a sign that she wants to earn a little money and disappear.

Bandiera dropped another myth: it is often believed that a pretty Russian woman is ready to jump into the arms of the first comer to leave his country. No, in the big cities, Russian women do not burn with the desire to go to Europe because UaDreams have strong cultural ties with Russia.

The book is full of practical advice: how to know, how to behave during a meeting, how to talk with Russian women. The eye of the writer subtly DRO notes the specifics of Russian mentality and describes in detail its differences with the Italian mentality, helping the reader not to put in an embarrassing situation, for example, when it comes to pay the bill at the restaurant.

Bandiera concludes that Russian women are kind, caring, without preconceptions, affable and interested by the family, while being well dressed, elegant and feminine. In short, the recipe for happiness is quite simple: traveling in Russia. T

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