Oscar for best comment for the article "7 reasons not to go out with a girl from the East"

I really enjoyed reading your article "7 reasons not to come out with a Russian woman."

"A cause is not necessarily true because one dies for it"

In the preamble of this response, I guess UaDreams do not speak Russian women willing to marry found on specialized internet dating sites. These women there, as Westerners who buy them on the other side of the screen, not the majority of its kind.

The desire to join and to mark my biggest assignment by a "like" Final is real, I have to introduce some nuances.

The number of Western proliferates in Moscow? That is true.

UaDreams could infer that it is the pollen phérormonique Russian feminine charms which attract our small western hungry bees. It would however be forgotten that Russia is primarily an emerging country that foreigners settled there because the business climate encourages them there. Wanting to keep strictly to the facts, UaDreams also notice that if the proportion of western foreigners increases, it is proportionally much less than Western Brazil, China, and even India. For a country at 3:30 of Paris, the erotic argument does not hold.

The second tenacious cliché would be the will of the Russian to get out of a cold-blooded country. One imagines to Paris, the country with the image of Sarajevo in 1995 or worse Stalingrad in 1944. Our little Russian chat hiding in his little wooden hut at the corner of the fireplace, Pushkin's book in hand, patiently watching his D'Artagnan serving Western, preferably French.

Looked at more closely, the Russian woman does not want to leave Russia, in any case, not more than the French to whom UaDreams propose to go live a few years in New York.

That France do (yet) dreaming young Russian women is obvious. Just like Rio de Janeiro makes dream the French who have never lived.

Besides this, it is now extremely easy for a Russian woman to come to live in France and obtain a long term visa. For the other girls from the East, I do not even speak, they are already schengenisées.

Finally the most beautiful stereotype, because that is what it is throughout the article, the physics of this Russian woman, Anna Kournikova copy, freshly out of the factory at tanagra. Unbelief often takes French when he discovers that there is more brown in Russia than in France, Spain and Italy combined, more Muslim in Russia throughout reunited Europe, and of course, more girls clamped to the eyes, tanned complexion, curly hair, etc.

What Russian woman is talking to you?

With few exceptions, I have never seen a French outside France. Those encountered was always a "race" apart. That of those who prefer the sea, the adventure in the fields of Corrèze. It is obvious to say UaDreams only found on the high seas sailors. By analogy, UaDreams can consider that young Russian women UaDreams met abroad, let alone on the French Riviera, only are not necessarily the most representative of the Russian community.

That your description be relevant in demonstrating and partially based on facts, it is certain. A vision and nourished actually very subjective experience (s) ago (es), opposes the Russian women's vision of the Western men who concave penis, choose a restaurant Corneille would be a decision with fatal consequences which required necessarily the consent of his partner.

Partially based on facts because, indeed, the Russian woman asks a ship captain and not a pedalo partner. The Russian woman expects the man to take charge. If the man in question has the vitality of a cocker in the twilight of his life, actually, the trip will not be hectic.

That the laws of economics, and therefore supply and demand, make the most lucid Russian than French. I admit willingly, hence the obvious corollary of their mastery of the codes of seduction and subsequent hatred they generate among their European peers. By mirror effect, it follows that the French men are necessarily more lucid than Russian men.

Some are laid by greed, or more precisely the freedom that gives the money, I also observed. And I also remember that you said exactly the same thing in your book about women in general, asking the men to question the real reasons why women become interested in them.

Is not imagination that determines the fact, rather than the reverse?

I have always found the hysterical Argentine. Besides, I've always found that the Argentine hysterical. I alternately loved and hated these excesses, until, an Argentine who knows very well about it, I shared his experiences. He had never seen any particular eccentricity. Since this masterful discussion of the Argentine feminine character, me neither.

The joys of human brains are such, one might almost think that this is not because the Argentine women are hysterical that I found hysterical but because I found hysterical (or that I expected that 'they are) they were.

I would like Stéphane, as your description of the woman "Eastern" key to true. Bloodthirsty and ruthless beings. Borgiaskaya of Lucretia. This would make the passionate adventures all the more exciting. Alas, this is not the case.

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