Liudmila Magnenet welcomes you for serious encounters with Russian women.

My name is Liudmila Magnenet and I created the marriage agency UaDreams in 2009 in Montbeliard in France. I am Russian, a native of St. Petersburg.
Meet the woman who will become the love of your life is not easy. It's even harder if you are a man busy with your schedule - you probably will not have the time or opportunity to do some serious meetings with single women. But being alone and passively wait for an unexpected meeting falls from heaven, it is not the solution. For why wait and remain alone? This can last for years ..
You are alone and your love quest is serious and sincere, so I offer my services to help you find the woman of your life and create with it a successful and lasting union. I will guide and help you in your efforts and be always ready to provide information and advice on the best ways to succeed.
All women pass an individual interview, sign a contract and remain in constant contact with our partner agency UaDreams in St. Petersburg. They are beautiful, simple, feminine, grown, pretty, good character, faithful, gentle, attentive and great adaptability.
The mentality of Russian women is entirely different from those of Western. But you will surprise you to discover that Russian women are not only beautiful but they are very feminine and yet faithful wives. Their sense of family and traditional values ​​is very developed, the family occupies a prominent place in their lives, which does not preclude a professional growth will.
They are sincere, honest and deeply wish to create a family by agreeing to leave their country, their roots, their families. They do not seek adventure or meetings of a day, they want stability and they feel more reassured with an older man they.
Historically, Russians have had a special relationship with France. They love the French culture (history, food, wine ...), the French romance (Paris remains the iconic symbol) and etiquette.
And we must not forget that because of conflict, women outnumber men in Russia. And the problem of alcoholism remains valid.
The Russians are well educated women (many of them speak English or French), a higher level of education and meaningful employment often though not always paid at fair value. For all these reasons that many Russian women are tempted to go elsewhere find their dreams of happiness ... But it would be illusory to believe that life in Russia is so hard these women want to go anywhere else at any price. The standard of living has changed dramatically in recent years and a city like St. Petersburg is very "European".
I have pleasure to welcome you to our agency UaDreams by appointment preferably to explore together how to find a soul mate. See also
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