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Female scam - an exclusive survey. The whole truth about scammers

UaDreams did our own investigation to understand how to protect men from the women on the Internet scam. For this UaDreams examined dozens of dating agencies in Ukraine and the survey results UaDreams shocked. Dozens of men a day come to Odessa, Lugansk, Kharkov, hoping to find a nice woman for marriage but they become victims of a scam woman.

Most often UaDreams encounter this type of scam Urkaine. In this country the standard of living is even lower than in Russia, it is difficult to find a good paying job, it's prosperous please consider fraud in all types of commercial activity. Once one has abolished visas for foreigners, men have become prey accessible for scammeuses. Only in Odessa there are more than 300 international dating agencies with Ukrainian women, in principle they work at home. As part of our ! exclusive survey UaDreams looked at all the internet forums where owners of Ukrainian agencies supposedly martimoniales share their experience of how this trick the naive foreigners. In one of these themes "professional" there are 748 pages of dicussion ways to pay clients, new messages are added every day.

These are just a few of them:

"Men crack for breast size. Do not save money for Photoshop and a good designer. For our women UaDreams designed the size of 85F breasts and those naive Americans believe in and are all looking forward to the meet".

"Tell me, please, what flower shops rent bouquets for half an hour? Our women began to refuse to go to the shops to take pictures after delivery of bouquets controlled by men, UaDreams must bring bouquets in their homes and then return them to floriste And how much money you give to a woman a bouquet that a man paid him UaDreams -.! a dollar for a rose "

"My wife works in my marriage agency as a clien! t, it is best to charge the men -. She has experience I prefer to hire married daughters, they better understand the character of men and know what be said to hang on to them. "

"A new method - I look forward to sharing UaDreams ask for the dollars intérpête15 service time of 9 am to 19 pm and 25 dollars per hour from 19 am to 09 pm It tells the customer that the woman works.. until 18 h 30 and she can not meet him sooner. Women are happy (you give them 30% of the translation cost) and a good salary they are willing to stay in coffee and to communicate 4 am ".

"I am ready to sell the back of a woman with professional photos that will bring $ 3000 per month by communicating directly (the translator tape for her) UaDreams sign an agreement with the woman. Her photos will be added on the Internet; she meets men. To win each match $ 10 per hour. The cost of the customer is 30 000 dollars. Bargaining is possible. "

Unfortunately, most women in these agencies' work "as customers of the marriage bureau. UaDreams made dozens of calls to these so-called marriage agencies in Odessa and asked to be their client to one percent of money paid in the future by man. In all cases UaDreams were invited to the offices (or more often at the apartment because they do not have offices) to negotiate the cooperation variants. Unfortunately, this work is supposed to be normal and even prestigious. As told us he faudva us work 10-15 hours per day, but this is not the same with a labor laborer!

The situation is appalling, it is unlikely that the Ukrainian police deal with this problem. That's why you have to defend yourself.

Please beware of:

  • Dating sites where you pay for each letter, video or; especially for chat with a woman. You will be drawn into a lengthy process of correspondence and virtual flirtation that will cost you dearly.
  • Wome! n whose photos are indiscreet, made professionally in a workshop - half! covered breast, almost no clothing. UaDreams work in matrimonial matters from 1999 and have seen thousands of pictures of women. Serious women never will add such pictures. Up - a photo taken during a holiday where the woman is wearing a swimsuit.
  • Young women at the age of 18 seeking men 59 years. It is false that in Ukraine such marriages are widespread. This almost never happens at least that is hommel millionaire. Women aged 18-20 may seem naive but merely working.
  • Women who speak of love in the second letter. This is a good sign of professional work.

The main sign threatening - the agency's services are free for women! Today all serious dating agencies request payment for women. Often a considerable payment. If a woman pays for her future husband research that proves that UaDreams do not pay him for the scam foreigners. All our clients who enroll in our Russian offices and the sign "monitored folder" pay for adhesion.! Sometimes this amount reaches one third of the monthly salary!

UaDreams recommend you to beware of agencies Odessa and Lugansk because the risk of being scammed is the maximum. The sum left by a stranger who looks in vain for his love reaches at least 5,000 dollars. It is likely that there are honest marriage agencies but finding some is almost impossible.

If you have already started to contact a woman you are not sure (even if it is another dating site), you can control the anti-scam protection service. Read More.

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