The French singles excluded adopt in Russia: children must not suffer

THE MOST. After the Russian law of 21 June 2013 prohibiting the adoption to homosexual couples in Russia, Medvedev has bookmarked a decree excluding unmarried nationals of countries which legalized gay marriage to adopt a Russian child. For Martine Lombard, head of Europe division Childhood Parenting and Adoption, this decision may have significant implications for French candidates for adoption.

An American couple in a Russian orphanage meeting it wishes to adopt the child. (Seth Wenig / AP / SIPA)

The implementing decree was expected: in June 2013, Russia had closed its doors to adoption for homosexual couples. It was obvious that the decree would specify the exclusions, ie for single - suspect (s) of homosexuality - in countries that open up marriage to same-sex couples, including France.

It's not only the legalization of gay marriage in France, which is the cause, but the authorization of marriage between same sex in Spain, the Nordic countries, which has promoted such a hardening of Russian law.

Russia has never been one of those countries where it is particularly simple to adopt. There are wide disparities between different states. The procedures may complicate the leaves twice from one city to another.

Thus, persons wishing to adopt in Russia are forced to train to be able to adopt. And the number of hours can go from 30-80 hours depending on the region.

The paper claimed vary and are constantly increasing, slowing down the proceedings. And want to adopt in Russia, it is important to consider several factors:

- The meeting with the child, the adoptive parents must travel several times in Russia, where it is sometimes presented with several children. UaDreams must therefore make a "choice" very stressful for them and especially for children.

- The ability to search the family of origin or a possibility of domestic adoption, and that until the final decision. Therefore, it is possible that after several months or years, the adoption will ultimately not succeed, however, what remains marginal.

- The free will of sovereign jurisdiction of the states of the Russian Federation to go beyond the federal law to request many documents, certificates, or restrict the possibility of adopting.

Moreover, in Russia, a child adopted abroad garde Russian citizenship. The host country must send regular progress reports to the country of origin. Obligation is not always respected, and that penalizes the following candidates.

In addition, some years ago, a couple of US adopting a Russian child was returned to her country of origin with a single sign around his neck. It is therefore understandable that a country of origin shall understand the apparentements and wants to have some of his children followed.

For several months, we have observed EFA increasingly difficult for French singles to adopt in Russia or other countries. And that in several specific cases:

- Unmarried found in Russia a country of origin of their children who is now closed to them, and few countries are open to adoption for unmarried people.

By ratifying last December the Franco-Russian treaty on adoption, France deprives couples to use an individual adoption procedure in Russia - which meant that applicants were direct contacts with Russian structures.

Adopters will now obliged to pass through the AFA (French Adoption Agency) or through the FAO (Approved organizations for adoption) or Pauline at Anaëlle Children and Future.

I'm certainly not against the accompanying obligation adopters, but I fear the implications of such a change. Will the approved organizations able to process all the files efficiently?

In 2013, 185 children were adopted in Russia by French and 135 of these are individual approaches, or 70% of adopters. Russia is Europe's leading countries of origin of adopted children in France.

This measure means that Russian orphanages are in overcapacity and that adoptions be less. Children may spend their entire minority in institutions if the country is not in their ability to find a family "for life". It is not the countries that are penalized, but children and singles who want to adopt.

We can not impose on the country to accept as a given parent category, but we can nevertheless hope that once again it will not be the children who will be the first victims, and UaDreams will, if that is their need to find a family.

Russia does not care laws passed in France while pk t on gives moral lessons to Russian ????

the France should take proper care of children placed in institutions rather than look at what is happening elsewhere ......

It's called the precautionary principle: the Russians have taken note of the law against nature passed by our caste "French" misguided.

Conscious of balance and well-being of adopted children, UaDreams want to ensure that orphans will not be delivered to homosexual pairs (le) s and unstructured mentally-or even worse, as evidenced by the terrible case the boy bought $ 8000 to a Russian woman by a pair of Los Angeles calibrated to serve as a "sex toy".

Russia remains the beacon of reason and morality forgotten by caste that oppresses us in the West.

The adoption ... this fantasy that turns into a nightmare once in three (or worse) ... But, hush, forbidden to speak of the many failures, continue to spread fairy tales, it's good for morale.

I love the author's concern for the fate of Russian orphans. I would like to reassure her. By prohibiting adoptions to same-sex couples and singles, the Russians are simultaneously a huge effort to increase the number of adoptions by Russians. And, according to the latest information, it works.

I hosted 4 or 5 adopting families at home in Moscow, close or unknown. It's more fun to be in an apartment. in a hotel room during the formalities for French visa. If nothing has changed, there is an obligation to go through French tips and practice to make do as we can. The kids I saw, (7 or 8, a case of three sisters), I was in admiration for Russian orphanages. Given the country, means etc ... outstanding work. We knew dice discussions on the Taubira law, it would make it impossible to right the practical adoption of many parents to give a theoretical, formal law, on the other, in the absence of children adopted . One of its many absurdities. The American case made noise. You should know that Americans are the only ones to take disabled children or heavy problems. The French want "quality". Doubtless some Americans UaDreams presumed their forces. Finally, the basic problem in Russia is that many of these children are not orphans at all. Russian law depriv! es easily parental authority. The procedures are complex for Russian, but UaDreams often do not have the same means. In short, complex situations. One thing to remember, actually, the Taubira law could deprive many children adopted by French in the world. No big deal. Demand is high. UaDreams will be adopted

I did it.
I remain shocked.
Children without any "emotional", especially. Traits like objects being moved, that mixture, that booze, no kisses, no love ... merdum ...
Preserved in the pee, arrived cold bottles, healthcare to the extreme ... re-merdum. I am a PROFESSIONAL Social Affairs, my disgust is on the verge of nausea.

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