Ukraine dreams: current situation

The big problem is that the Maidan "Policies" were unable to represent the demands of the people. During "Maidan", there was no political relays to translate the discontent of the crowd of demonstrators messages / clear political demands and formalized ... UaDreams understood what he wanted to do more, but not what he instead wanted or how to set up ... All politicians, including Klichko, the most popular (as a champion, not specifically as a policy) are too far from the worries and problems of "normal" people .

# 1 Richest: Rinat Akhmetov, 44
Richest # 2: Ihor Kolomoisky, 47
# 3 Richest Gennady Bogolyubov, 48
# 4 Richest Viktor Nusenkis, 56
# 5 Richest Kostyantyn Zhevago, 36
# 6 Richest Viktor Pinchuk, 50
# 7 Richest Oleksiy Martynov, 44
# 8 Richest Yuriy Kosiuk, 42
# 9 Richest Oleksiy Vadatursky 63
# 10 Richest: Dmytro Firtash, 45

Rumors about the disappearance of 47 tons of gold in reserve, disappearance "unexplained" 70 billion from state coffers. At closer to 35 billion (requested from the EU and IMF) required 5 years to a GDP of $ 176 billion.


25% of the unemployed are of Ukraine in the Crimea, which depends 90% of Ukraine for water and energy.

Referendum 97% of YES, then that 15% of Tatars and 22% of Ukrainians. The expected score was therefore 50-60%

The rumor is that it is 126% in favor of the Russians, compared with registered on electoral lists (called the 300,000 Tatars who want a referendum to seek independence from Russified Crimea).


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