Is uadreams scams?

"Irena has help me so much and got back to me with every question I had and help me understand the process working with your company. She is a real asset to your firm and because of her I fell very comfortable making this trip. "

This is from William David Allen 
"Olia is great she has been helping me arranging my trip for last months there has been delays but not her fault in this process i have created a real friendship with a remarkable person not only has a case worker but a person is trying to help me reach my goal this is an amazing company with a great group of staff i just wish i could meet them in person to show them my appreciation but it very far from where will be going i hope in the near future "

"the serves is great always and here i have not only meet a great and very professional team, but i have become friends with some of the staff."

Mark said


DARRENCAT about uadreams

I hope that the most important is peace, unity, love, democracy and set some important constitutional rights to minorities, it part of peace for Ukraine. So faith, love and compromise with your country.

Your friend Angellc


I want say thank you for perfect support and to the manager and translator from Lutsk, Sumy, Odessa; Nikolaev, Cherkassy and Rivne wich I was visiting in the last month. In the end of may, Elena and me will give you one more testimonial about our relationship. 

uadreams Review from Walter 


UaDreams scams: Reality or myth?

This has become a touchy issue...
Are UaDreams scammers?
Do beautiful ladies on the pictures want only money from men? 
Do they all have boyfriends and want to play games with foreign mens' feelings?

If you are single and want to try your luck with UaDreams, these questions will bother you because no person in this world wants to be cheated.
Today we would like to draw your attention to direct evidences that we are an honest matchmaking agency and — the main thing — we'll give you an opportunity to check it by yourselves.

Our respected customers, who have accounts on UaDreams, know that from time to time ladies invite them to video chat - Ukrainian women love to talk to men in video chat, and men can see all our beautiful mademoiselles live. So, the first evidence — ladies are REAL. If our ladies would not be real, how would we provide the videochat?..UaDreams ain't scams!
Make sure of this! If you don't want to spend much money for the chat at once, buy only 10 minutes in one go, than you'll get 3 min. for free. Would you spend money to buy a glass of a good wine to try its marvellous taste? We promise, this wine will be the sweetest — men and ladies adore chatting. 

You can say that even real ladies may want only money from men. The men, who almost fell in love and were cheated, return to the bottom of the ladder they strived to climb so passionately...

We wouldn't manage to find more than 1000 ladies that are scammers. Yes, it is not easy to live in Ukraine, but this country also isn't slums. Our ladies work or study, some of them have really well-paid jobs. Take a look at the ladies' profiles - and you'll always find an occupation indicated in each of them. They just want to find the love of their lives... and sometimes it is really sad to see a beautiful girl dreaming about love, and men who are afraid to talk to her because of their prejudices... 


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Lebanon: I cant say anything but i always get the good answer and in a very special way ... even if i have a big problem the way that the support answer make me feel that iam important, and they really care to solve it, iam so grateful for this .


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Uadreams ( more reviews:

Love is one of the most important pieces of our existence. Contemporary men and women are so occupied, that sometime …
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they don’t have plenty of time for searching for the best couple for future relationship. However, in the current times there are various different options that will help them to take care of such uncomfortable problem. In the current times increasing numbers of people are trying to find the perfect couple by using internet. There are various different web sites that provide you such prospect. If you’re looking for stunning, kind and fascinating woman who is trying to find happiness by trying to get married with pleasant and smart guy, then Uadreams is the ideal option for you.
However internet scams are believed to be one of the most wide-spread. Contemporary fraudsters are using trustworthy men and women who are searching for pure love for their own negative motives. So, if you would like to defend yourself from single russian women, then there are several critical points that you need to follow. Uadreams employees is checking all information about every single woman that has published her account in the site. However, in any case never send money to the female that is requiring it from you. There are many motives that she can create in an effort to receive money and to trick you. Even if purpose seems to be truthful, don’t trust to it, mainly because such ladies are extremely creative. Once you get such message, please contact our agents and we will do our best in order to get rid of example of uadreams scam without delay. Even if female definitely seems to be the most harmless creature and her story sounds so real, still don’t be the sufferer of charming liar.

You are the only one individual that can protect yourself from uadreams scam. All you have to perform is to go to following internet site: where you will see examples of the most wide-spread uadreams scams and easy methods to prevent bad outcomes or concepts what to perform if you think that you are starting to be sufferer of liar. It is sorry to say, that in the modern times a lot more people are ready for everything just for their revenue. In this instance they are utilizing weak points of other people. Don’t let other people to use your weakness, check out presented internet site, scan cautiously all offered info and we are certain that you will be able to defend yourself from uadreams scams.
To get more information about ukrainian woman go to our site: look at here reviewed by
Uadreams ( more reviews:

6 Reviews

You seem to care about men and women and their satisfaction and I thank you for that

I have been reading more details of your website, policy and general reviews.

It's great to know that you do check the ladies for such activities like prostitution, scam and fraud. And that you pick up only the best ladies who are well educated and strive for manners. Besides you always warn us men about women who manipulate men and what are red flags for that.

My friends told me not to go, showed my bad remarks and scared me with prostitutes and mafia, and at first it discouraged me very much. But after reading your policy and strict rules all my fears gone and I decided to take this chance to come.
I am talking with one girl now and I planning to visit her very soon.

My main concerns is how Americans are treated in Ukraine. At many places people hate Americans and treat them as lowest animals on the earth. Of course I hope for the best, but I want to be prepared for that.

Your agency and your services excite me and I admire the ladies you post. Your customer service has always been kind and friendly to me and always helpful.

The woman which I correspond with is so much more than I ever expected, I have actually begun lessons in the Russian language, she is so much more than any American woman it is amazing.

The girl I am talking to is much more of I have expected. She learns English and I learn Russian and hope it will help when we finally meet.

You seem to care about men and women and their satisfaction and I thank you for that.

I recommend anyone using this agency, you will definitely find your dream girl here. reviewed by giovannicruz77


Houston, US
1 Reviews

My virtual experience before the real

Greetings to everyone!
First, I used and this service was bad, next, well, I don't trust too much on these site, I Received a lot of letters everyday, but, I don't used. For this reason, a couple years ago, I respond a lady letter and the next day, I received a letter from the same lady, but, the person who wrote the lady make a simple mistake. He or She attached the same letter with different names of other customers (men names). I didn't communicate it with nobody from the customer service, for what. I just ignore this website for complete.
Second, I a member of uadreams for long time ago, however, I was not in communication with nobody from the website. Also, I keep reading the policy of this agency, the updates and testimonials of the people, etc. One of the testimony of one of the gentleman said: You can not communicate with any of this lady for: Vk, FB, Skype, Personal Email, etc. If you don't meet this lady in person. Well, It is very honest to understand. If you have mutual desire to know each other, well, there is the option to go and meet the lady. Everything looks perfect on pictures, videos and the screen; however, in person, It is another story.
I am not here to defend Uadreams, I am here to share some of my virtual experience with this agency.
Third, The last year, I was on communication with a lady of Simperofol, we talked for a couple months, but, I was always honest with her, If you don't like this way of communication, let's be honest and stop.
She told a story, that she was looking for a new job, maybe is thinking to move to another city, job, etc. Our communication broke on December 2013. I felt sad etc. We used the letters and We saw a couple time of web-chat etc. Long time ago, I found her on VK, I know what are you thinking now, everything was a fake, scam etc.
I saw some posting of her from the end of 2013 and 2014. Asking to some friends to find a job etc. I didn't request any contact with her, because, I don't feel anything else to her. I was happy and calm because, she was not a liar.
Finally, I knew another lady from Uadreams in the beginning of this year. And we had been in communication with letters and some video chat, I don't expend too much time on web-cams. We share some pictures a lot of information of our lives, etc.
I have to be honest, I know she received letters from other men or invitation to chat and it does not bother me, because I am honest and I received the same details from other ladies.
Maybe somebody went to visit her, maybe, nobody belongs to nobody here. Because, we have to know a lot of people before we found the correct person.
I saw her on web-chat, we talked about family, she show me her pets, and her little dog on the webcam. She never asked me for money, or I want something etc.
We share music, stories, etc.
Finally, I know there are some guys who had bad experienced with any lady or ladies, nobody is perfect. We don't know our real friends who are close to us, now It is a double challenge with somebody far away.
I will go to visit her on March 2015, I have my tickets and she knows already about my trip.
For now I have no complaint against uadreams. I will update and share my real experience when I get back from Ukraine.
For now bye, My name is Giovanni.

P D: I found her in VK and talk told me not speak English use a translator, if you want to talk by VK would be nice, but as I know if your feelings are honest with me. I am disillusioned men only promise and fail .Now we meet in person we can talk, exchange personal data etc. Prove to me with deeds and not words.

Reply from

Dear Bruce,

Thank you very much for leaving a note about UaDreams agency. But we are sad to hear that your experience in using the agency is rather negative and would like to change it for you.

You say that the agency does not explain why profiles are created for men. Actually it's not and we have many times explained the reason why profiles are created and how. But let us give explanations so maybe other men also understand why and how it happens.

For all the female customers UaDreams provides services for free, including letters exchanging, photo and video exchanging, video chat and many other services. Moreover we encourage ladies to invite their friends if they are in search for a lifetime partner and seek help and assistance. And this is not limited whether it's a male or female friend.

For the invited ladies we provide free photo sessions, video sessions, assistance in translation. For the invited male friends we provide free e-mail credits, video chat minutes, free registration. And also discuss other privilege they can receive.

We assume you was invited by a lady who was or still is a member of another dating agency and who is or was a member of UaDreams. And you were supposed to receive free bonuses with registration.

Of course the lady is able to contact you by your e-mail address if she has the facilities for communication and her foreign language knowledge is enough for holding a conversation. Or she can do it through UaDreams and receive free translation, free notifications about incoming correspondence and assisted video chat services.

Moreover the majority of the female customers say they choose UaDreams among other marriage agencies and communication by their own mean, because they feel they are secured from sex tourists, men for fun, maniacs and other. They say it's better to have someone to speak to if they have doubts, concerns or need advices as to learning the foreign language, visa, meetings, travelings etc. And these are the reasons why they still choose communicating through UaDreams rather then on their own.

Let us also explain the comment that website is for only exclusive women. In reality it's not possible to be 100% that the lady is not registered somewhere else. The same as men, women can create profiles on other dating websites and use them for meeting men. But certainly we do not encourage ladies to do that and advise them to remove profiles from other websites if they are seriously looking for love and marriage and want to meet a right men. Being on many dating websites doesn't bring more luck or chances in meeting the right men. But gives the perfect opportunity for some dishonest agencies to steal their information and/or use their photos and information for scamming men. The more profiles the lady has the more chances her profile will be used for scam.

That is one of the reasons why the ladies who become our customers remove their profiles from other websites and invite people they have been talking to here.

The question is how fast that dating agencies remove profiles of the ladies and will they ever do that? Do that agencies have affiliated websites where they post photos and profiles? And removing the lady from the initial agency doesn't influence on her photos and profiles being open at affiliated websites... Something to think about.

Dear Bruce, you are welcome to contact our friendly customer service any time. Your questions are welcome and we are always happy to assist you with any question or concern you have.

We really want to make your experience with UaDreams better.

Thank you for reading this post.

Uadreams ( more reviews:

Mark H reviewed as: "It is not always about the time it takes to solve a problem. Communication is very important. Here I would say say that all was followed through properly regardless of the time it may have taken to resolve issue."


Uadreams ( more review from Kristoffer: "Thanks for your great understanding and support, good luck with your important work for our ladies and gentlemen. Uadreams staff are definitely supporting this world to become a better place to live Vegard "


Thank you for your kind and pleasant reply. I am definitely coming back as with your help I found my true soulmate. I look forward to visiting again very soon. Kindest Regards Andreas

Reliable, honest and straight down the line, very efficient, very quick and helpful service and attention to detail. My kind of service. Very professional.


Doug says about uadreams: "Thank you very much. This is a very kind thing you do for us. I will not betray your trust and kindness to us both. Many, amny good wishes to you Ira and your Chief Manager."


Adrian commented uadreams: Your responses and consideration over this issue have been courteous, very helpful and polite. The service you have given has been first rate. Ten out of ten...:) Adrian, Manchester, England.

Holbæk, DK

elaborate scam

i was baited on this site from another one, the girl closed her profile there for no reason whatsoever and invited me on uadreams. I gave her my direct e-mail and contacts and she refused to contact me outside the site, i asked her for her telephone number so i can call her and she refused again. How stupid western men are? apparently very stupid as long as these agencies can pull such a cheap scam on us. I was lucky to smell a rat before paying anything. The girls are very beautiful and probably real, that is not the point, the point is that their only intention is to squeeze money from the naive men from abroad. Even tho i didn't lose any money on this site i lost on others similar. Use your money to travel and meet your next love in real life.

Reply from

Dear Victor Radu Popescu,

We truly appreciate your opinion about UaDreams agency and the services it provides. Because any feedback is good as it gives a growing-point and shows us the places where we should give more information to the customers, to make them more clear.

We'd like to draw your attention to one point from your letter and namely to the fact that you have not used services of UaDreams and can not say if they are good or bad and there is any scam happening there.

But you are completely right by telling that men should use their money to travel and meet their next love in real life. And UaDreams stands for that and appeals to all customers to do that and do not waste their valuable time for waiting and doubting. Coming and meeting is the best and fastest way to meet the potential future wife.

UaDreams invites all the men whether they travel alone or with agency's assistance, our doors are always open.

Thank you for your attention,

With best wishes,

UaDreams customer service

6 Reviews

I'm really optimistic about this agency.

Very good impression about Uadreams support center. Quick replies and good explanations. If you want you can call on their skype and get the information you need quicklier as by mail. The support center is very polite and you feel that you are respected. In general you feel that this agency values their customers.

When I had problems with login to the site the problem was solved in a half of an hour. When I had questions about a payment, it was replied this very day. Congratulations for good services!

You may say the site is quite expensive, but for me it's really ok. I am sure that it's worth it to spend money if you want to reach some aim that is very important for your life. There are so many adnavtages on this site that you are just enable to leave it for some another. reviewed by Julio

The best experience i've had

Well, to be honest i tried another sites before this one, and you can be sure the service it's great and the girls are real. The prices are fear, not cheap but not too high. The photos they take to the girls are really good and they not use excessively Photoshop, which is something i'm truly grateful for it, i mean they keep the girls real.

Also their Support service is really fast, usually they reply in one day.

Milano S.'s Review
Milano S.
1 review
10 helpful votes
Oh, dear Omega R., I read your review and was shocked. Do you really think men can be cheated in such a way? Oh don’t take away my hope to find a woman!!! I registered on Uadreams four month ago and I like this service, and everything goes well, so please, it cannot be a bad service because I’ve just trusted this site and I hope!!!!

Of course I write letters to the girls, but I also chat with them a lot. I do like video chat, where you can see the girl through your webcam. Yeah, a translator, who is near her, helps her to translate her words into English. Very often the woman who I talk to in videochat, reminds me about some events she wrote in their letters about. So, it is very strange to read that the girls don’t even know that somebody is sending mails. In chat we refer to many things written in our letters!

There are about 1000 girls in the agency. You mean all these girls are scammers? It is impossible. Did you see the page Just Married on the site? There are happy loving couples there, who got acquainted through UaDreams. They are happy, and I want to be happy too!

I noticed that the girls on Uadreams never ask for money. Usually scammers want money, don’t they? Uadreams women not only never ask for money, but the company returned me a mail credit, when I made a mistake and sent my mail to one girl twice. I did not even write to the support centre! I just noticed that they returned me my money :)

I plan my first trip to Ukraine in October. Uadreams have already booked tickets for me and I will meet my Masha in her town. While you are sitting at home and slender this good site, I will have a date with my beautiful girl! And don’t be envy me! ;)
Ask Milano about UaDreams

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